Pérez-Llorca Strengthens its Commitment to Innovation and Gen AI with Leya

Pérez-Llorca Strengthens its Commitment to Innovation and Gen AI with Leya

Pérez-Llorca continues on its path towards innovation with the progressive implementation of Leya, becoming the first major Spanish law firm to adopt this tool.

“We are thrilled and deeply honoured to collaborate with Pérez-Llorca. With their esteemed reputation, rich legacy of excellence, and swift embrace of technology, we are poised to seamlessly integrate advanced legal AI into the most intricate legal tasks across diverse practice areas and legal frameworks.” 
Max Junestrand, CEO, Leya

Pérez-Llorca stands as a leading legal powerhouse within Spain, delivering top-tier counsel to both domestic and international clients. Specializing in the most significant and intricate transactions and disputes within Spain, Pérez-Llorca is known for its unparalleled quality, service, and client commitment. The use of Leya will provide significant support to Pérez-Llorca’s professionals, allowing them to increase their capabilities and provide their clients with differential advice.

“The confidentiality of all our matters and clients has certainly been our top priority throughout the process. After an extensive review of the main Gen AI solutions available to the sector, Leya has proven to be the right tool for our objectives and needs, both in terms of efficiency and security.” 
Andy Ramos, Intellectual Property and Technology Partner, Pérez-Llorca

As the first major law firm in Spain to embrace Leya, Pérez-Llorca sets a precedent for legal innovation, paving the way for enhanced efficiency and client service in the legal industry.

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