Matsmart-Motatos streamlines its legal work with Leya

Matsmart-Motatos Streamlines its Legal Work with Leya

In fast-paced businesses, legal work can sometimes impose bottlenecks on operations. Thus, progressive legal teams explore ways to streamline their work, and Matsmart-Motatos, a leading online grocery store, was able to do so with the help of Leya.

The Challenge

Matsmart-Motatos recently raised SEK 400M in an oversubscribed financing round led by Circularity. The process of closing of such a round naturally involves a considerable amount of legal work and due diligence, including tasks related to ensuring GDPR compliance.

The Solution

Matsmart-Motatos' in-house legal team started using Leya a few months back – and their Head of Legal, Amanda Vikingsson, quickly found that the power of generative AI enabled her to sail through her work. By prompting Leya to generate first drafts of updates to existing and completely new legal documents, Amanda could cut to the chase of each legal matter and increase her overall productivity.

The Impact
“Leya is changing the work of an in-house counsel, and thanks to it - I could get two weeks of work done in three hours (sounds like a stretch but it's true!). We’ve been able to push and complete projects at a much more rapid pace since we started using Leya, as we’re able to quickly perform all the research and analysis ourselves”. 
Amanda Vikingsson - Head of Legal, Matsmart-Motatos

By moving swiftly on GDPR-related matters, Amanda and her team were able to spend more of their time for other key parts of closing the investment round, eventually guaranteeing a straightforward and successful legal procedure.

The Future

We feel privileged to get to work with early adopters such as Amanda at Matsmart-Motatos. Together, we are making the future of legal, as well as smart food shopping, look brighter.

Team Leya
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