Leya partners with FromCounsel

Leya partners with FromCounsel

We are delighted to announce the launch of our partnership with the UK industry-leading legal knowledge provider FromCounsel to bring their industry-leading content directly into Leya, in a closed pilot launching on July 10 with twelve major UK and US law firms.

Leya and FromCounsel have collaborated to create a solution addressing concerns law firms have raised regarding Generative AI, particularly issues of accuracy and the risk of hallucinations. By merging FromCounsel’s deep analytical content with the advanced capabilities of the Leya platform, they have crafted bespoke features designed to alleviate these specific challenges and set a new benchmark for precision and reliability in AI applications for legal.

Leya and FromCounsel anticipate completing the pilot during September with a commercial launch of their partnership planned for October 2024.

At FromCounsel, we are delighted to provide some of our key customers with the opportunity to help us fine-tune our Gen AI offering. We have believed for some time that the depth and quality of our content not only explains why so many of the leading law firms rely on it for carrying out their day-to-day practices, but also creates an opportunity to super-charge Gen AI solutions.

We believe that only a combination of Gen AI with the very best data sources will deliver a viable solution in the legal market, and our discussions over the last few months with our customers have confirmed that belief.

We are delighted to partner with Leya. We have been impressed with their technology and their willingness to adapt their approach to accord with our views on how best to deliver the precision and reliability demanded by our customers. We will be working hard over the next few months to fine-tune our offering in light of feedback from our pilot partner firms and are excited at the prospect of bringing a commercial product to market in the Autumn.”

- Andrew Thornton KC, founder of FromCounsel
“At Leya, we are obsessed with building the future of legal work. Our partnership with FromCounsel is a confident step in that direction, allowing us to combine our cutting-edge AI with their unparalleled legal expertise. We have spent considerable time understanding the unique challenges faced by UK legal professionals, particularly around the accuracy and reliability of Generative AI. By integrating FromCounsel’s content with our AI capabilities, we address these concerns head-on.”
- Max Junestrand, CEO of Leya

About From Counsel

FromCounsel was founded by Andrew Thornton and several of his colleagues at Erskine Chambers, the leading UK corporate law chambers, in 2015. It is based in London and has over 50 employees.  

Its corporate law knowledge service was launched in early 2017 and its customer base includes over 90% of the leading UK and US law firms practicing corporate law in the UK. It has become known for the quality of its Q&A knowledge product, which FromCounsel pioneered in the legal knowledge market. FromCounsel’s corporate law service alone has over 8 million words of fully maintained content covering the issues that corporate lawyers encounter in practice.  

The scope of FromCounsel’s service continues to grow with its employment service already launched in partnership with members of Cloisters Chambers and its restructuring and insolvency service to launch in January 2025 (in partnership with members of South Square Chambers). FromCounsel will be announcing additional content partnerships in the coming months.  

For further information about FromCounsel, visit its website at  

About Leya

Leya was founded in 2023 by Max Junestrand, Sigge Labor and August Erséus. The company is working with more than 100 firms and has its headquarters in Stockholm.  

The European legal tech company is dedicated to helping lawyers work more efficiently through the use of AI. Leya’s team includes top engineers from AI research labs and tech-savvy lawyers from prestigious firms worldwide, enabling the company to develop advanced tools tailored to legal professionals' needs.

Leya's mission is to equip lawyers with AI tools that streamline their work, allowing them to focus on strategic thinking, creativity, and problem-solving. Their AI-powered workspace automates repetitive tasks and converts documented knowledge into prompt shortcuts, predefined key findings for contract reviews, and template Q&As for due diligence. Integrating internal documents and legal data from over 15 jurisdictions and now, legal knowledge provided by FromCousel, the platform provides seamless access to both public sources and private data, all in one place.

Earlier this year, Leya successfully closed a $10.5 million funding round led by Benchmark, with participation from Hummingbird, SV Angel, and Y Combinator. This funding will support Leya’s expansion into the UK and further development of its innovative legal tech solutions.

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