Leya and Alma Announce a Strategic Partnership

Strategic Partnership Announcement

Leya and Alma, the provider of the leading legal database “Suomen Laki Service”, announce a strategic partnership. As a part of this partnership, Suomen Laki Service's extensive legal content will be integrated into the Leya platform in the near future.

“Our collaboration with Leya is a fantastic chance to bring our Suomen Laki content to a platform where lawyers naturally look for legal information in their daily routines. Our legal content is a vital part of legal professionals’ everyday work, and we’re thrilled to integrate it even more deeply into our customers' processes, enhancing efficiency. We’re excited to offer up-to-date legislation as part of the Leya service, and we see this as a great opportunity to develop our services and improve the customer experience as we gain deeper insights into how our content is used” – Maria Ampiala, Business director, Alma Insights.

"This is a significant milestone in our commitment to continuously provide greater value to our customers in Finland. We are driven to embark on thisjourney together with Alma for many reasons, but especially because of our shared commitment to user-centric design and development” - Maria Sorsimo, Head of Finland at Leya.

Once the integration is fully in place, Leya’s users will have access to all materials available on Suomen Laki Service through the Leya platform. This will enable them to navigate legal information more efficiently and effectively in combination with their firm’s proprietary material.

“We recognize the importance of partnering with leading legal database providers in all the national markets. This partnership with Alma and Suomen Laki Service creates a synergy that combines Leya's AI-driven solutions with the rich, comprehensive legal content of Suomen Laki Service. By doing so, we are not only enhancing our platform, but also shaping the future of legal research and practice in Finland together with Alma and Suomen Laki Service” - Max Junestrand, Co-founder & CEO at Leya.

About Suomen Laki Service
Suomen Laki Service provides an extensive set of up-to-date legislation, government proposals, and case law. Alma's editorial team updates the content of the service daily, always ensuring high quality legal information. Alma is the market leader in providing Finnish legal information. In addition to Suomen Laki service, Alma offers the widest range of legal literature through its digital service.

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