Fylgia welcomes Leya to their legal practice

Fylgia welcomes Leya to their legal practice

We are happy to announce that Leya is now part of Fylgia’s day-to-day operations

Established in 1986, Fylgia Law offers a wide range of business law services to both local and international clients. Renowned for its exceptional legal expertise, Fylgia delivers specialized legal guidance across various areas, including Insolvency law, Commercial Tech & Data, Public Sector, and Mergers and Acquisitions. In a move to stay ahead in a changing world - as stated in their cornerstones - Fylgia recently welcomed Leya, an AI-assistant for legal professionals, to the team.

“Staying at the forefront of new technology is paramount in the legal landscape. Leya has provided us with the tools to embrace innovation while upholding the core values and craftsmanship of our practice. By optimizing our processes, Leya helps us strike a balance that allows us to delve into complex legal challenges with greater efficiency and precision. This ensures our firm remains a pioneer in the ever-evolving legal tech landscape, not because Leya is doing our job, but because it empowers us to do our job better.” 
Fredrik Winroth - Managing Partner, Fylgia

By leveraging the power of AI, Fylgia enhances productivity without compromising output quality, allowing its lawyers to concentrate on delivering top-tier legal guidance to clients. With Leya designed to streamline legal workflows for efficient document analysis and research, Fylgia ensures enhanced efficiency while maintaining its commitment to excellence in client service.

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