Brick Advokat adopts Leya

Brick Advokat adopts Leya’s AI legal assistant

We are excited to announce the launch of Leya at Brick Advokat, a distinguished business law firm specializing in construction, real estate transactions, real estate & commercial lease, public procurement, and dispute resolution. This is a clear testament to Brick Advokat's commitment to leveraging innovative solutions. We are proud to be supporting them on this transformative journey.

The integration of Leya's AI legal assistant at Brick Advokat is a strategic response to the changing dynamics of legal practice. For the particular use cases of Brick Advokat legal team, Leya has demonstrated its versatility, handling a wide array of inquiries and playing a significant role in enhancing their workflow processes.

Julia Nilsson, partner at Brick Advokat, expressed their enthusiasm for Leya, stating:

"Leya’s user-friendly platform significantly enhances the way we approach legal research enabling us to provide more informed and effective legal solutions and advice in today's fast-paced legal environment. Leya’s platform, with its intuitive interface, further elevates the quality of our services as it allows us to seamlessly navigate through complex tasks, making the incorporation of AI tools into our everyday workflow a smooth and productive experience. The Leya team has from the start been very responsive to our specific needs, demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement and tailoring their solutions and platform to better serve the evolving demands of our legal practice."
Julia Nilsson – Partner, Brick Advokat

The team at Brick Advokat has been one of the most creative in how they make use of Leya, having utilized the AI assistant for a wide range of tasks. These include sifting through a large number of invoices in a dispute case, translating a great amount of documents, and relying on Leya for initial summaries and drafts based on new material.

Ronja Andrén, Project Manager, shares her insights on how Leya also serves as an effective platform from a business perspective:

"Leya has been instrumental in enhancing my efficiency at Brick Advokat. In my role at the firm, I juggle a variety of tasks, from developing internal guidelines and drafting legal documents to content creation for social media. Leya has been a reliable tool in all these areas, providing valuable assistance in our legal work and offering endless possibilities from a business perspective.”
Ronja Andrén – Project Manager, Brick Advokat

At Leya, we are inspired by seeing how passionate attorneys and legal experts like Brick Advokat bring their expertise to the new era with the help of AI.

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