Bird & Bird adopts Leya

Bird & Bird adopts Leya across multiple offices to drive efficiency, upskilling, and innovation

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with the leading international law firm Bird & Bird, which, after trialling several AI solutions for legal over the last few months, has decided to work closely with Leya for a major pilot.

Bird & Bird, which serves many of the world's leading technology businesses, has always been on the cutting edge of innovation and rethinking established procedures. They intend to use Leya's platform to further optimise processes and increase value for their clients. Furthermore, we are focused on upskilling their team through their education programme, ensuring that they are well-prepared for this technology shift.

"I’m very pleased to announce we are working with Leya to explore how we can take advantage of disruptive innovation in our sector. At Bird & Bird, we believe that by leveraging the power of AI, upskilling our people, and ensuring the responsible use of AI, we can deliver innovative and efficient solutions to the complex legal challenges our clients face.”
- Hélder Santos, Head of Legal Tech and Innovation at Bird & Bird
“We are always exploring how we can use GenAI to optimise our processes and add value to our clients. This proof of concept trial with Leya is the latest addition to our GenAI toolkit and will be an important part of our five-year strategy as we guide organisations through a world shaped by technology, innovation and regulation, and driving the transformation of legal services delivery.”
- Karen Jacks, Chief Technology Officer at Bird & Bird
“We are always looking to forge strong relationships and Bird & Bird has the international presence as well as the technological prowess we desire in a partner. Together with Bird & Bird, we will be able to refine and extend our tooling for applying GenAI to legal use cases across multiple practice areas and jurisdictions.”
- Max Junestrand, CEO at Leya

Starting with selected user groups across the London-headquartered firm's offices in the UK, Germany, Spain, and the Nordics, Bird & Bird will strive to adopt a wide range of use cases, such as preparing research memos from UK and EU legislation and precedents, bulk reviewing hundreds of agreements, and drafting Due Diligence and Intellectual Property reports. 

Throughout the next six months, Bird & Bird will integrate Leya across its international network, leveraging AI to drive significant improvements in efficiency and innovation. We believe this partnership is poised to set a new standard in legal service delivery, demonstrating the transformative impact of a platform like Leya, and we look forward to delivering enhanced value to Bird & Bird’s clients globally.

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